Cory Clarke, founder and saucy C.E.O., started learning how to make desserts while standing on a chair to reach the kitchen counter. She has always valued the feeling of comfort and love that you can give to someone by preparing good food for them. While studying engineering in college and graduate school, Cory learned valuable research, presentation, and problem-solving skills. However, she saw many of her friends getting jobs where they worked in front of a computer designing small aspects of enormous systems. She yearned to create an entire product that she could taste, touch, and feel.

After she left graduate school and entered the workforce, her desire to create a unique product continued to grow. As a result, Cory began thinking about her passions. She realized she always loved desserts - especially ice cream sundaes. So, she decided to combine her ingenuity with her love of desserts to create a line of gourmet dessert sauces. Cory founded Shootflying Hill Sauce Company, Inc. in the spring of 2003. The name comes from a road in Centerville, Massachusetts that her family would take every summer to get to their favorite ice cream shop.

Cory has received a ServSafe Certification and is a member of Chefs Collaborative She is a board member of the Massachusetts Specialty Foods Association and the Federation of Mass Farmers Markets

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